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Couch Potato to Top Banana

Ways to stay productive this winter

The struggle to get out from under a warm blanket in the winter is real. Here are a few ways to be productive while hibernating this winter.

It’s winter and the struggle is real. Crawling out from under your warm comforter in the morning is a task of epic proportions. It’s easy to come home and find a spot on the couch, crawl under the electric blanket and settle in with your latest Big Movie purchase.

Being at home does not need to include binge-watching television every night. There are many activities that require your attention that you can tackle while staying warm in your apartment.


Whether you are an organized person or a paper tiger, there is at least one space in your life that could use some tidying. Dedicate time to organizing your space and decide what to keep, throw out and donate. If you haven’t done so already, implement a organizational system to prevent the pile-up from recurring in a few weeks. Be it your kitchen, office or closet, creating order in your environment can add a sense of calm to your mental space as well.

Personal Development

Most of us are familiar with professional development at work, but when is the last time you did something for personal development beyond your weekly Mandarin lesson? Dedicating time to learning a new skill like knitting or reading about an area of personal interest like photography can increase your personal satisfaction. There does not need to be end goal to this, but the luxury of doing something because you enjoy it and you have the time for can be a reward in and of itself.


Sometimes taking the time to write an email or make a call just doesn’t happen. Despite the best intentions, it can be difficult to keep up with those that are important, but far away. Making time to write an email or a handwritten note can reconnect you to those in your wider social network. This isn’t a waste of time, on the contrary, spending time on what you value, in this case relationships, can provide some of the largest rewards.


There are things that drain your energy and things that give you energy. Take time to do the things that help you feel ready to face the world. If that is a solitary activity like reading, don’t be afraid to settle in with a good book. If you recharge by being around others, invite friends over for a dinner. Identify the things that help you feel energized and make a point to do them. You’ll find that you feel better about the shorter days and colder temps when you’re in a positive place.